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Our Services at dentalhouse Liberty Village

At dentalhouse Liberty Village, we offer a wide range of comprehensive services, including cosmetic services, general dentistry, orthodontic treatments, children's services, emergency procedures, and more!

We work to ensure you're comfortable with your treatment!

When you visit our practice, you will benefit from our personalized, attentive approach. Our dentist and team members carefully listen to patients and provide sound advice and confident reassurance at all times so that they can feel comfortable with their treatment options.

With our convenient appointment scheduling, location and a friendly environment, you'll feel at home when you enter our practice!

General Dentistry

dentalhouse Liberty Village provides a wide range of services from dental bridges, fillings, cleanings, dentures, or root canals! » Learn More

Cosmetic Services

Whether you're looking for veeners, full mouth restorations or teeth whitening, let us enhance the natural beauty of your smile. » Learn More

Oral Procedures

In addition to regular checkups, our team at Liberty Village can perform services like sinus lifts and gum and bone grafting. » Learn More

Emergency Services

Accidents happen! At our King St. W office, we offer emergency services to help you restore your teeth and to maintain the structural integrity of your mouth. » Learn More


We offer Invisalign® to our Liberty Village patients to straighten your teeth, and help you get the smile you deserve. » Learn More

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